Sunday, December 22, 2013

Triumph in the form of a Turquoise door

Triumph is, perhaps, too strong a word, but never in my dreams did I imagine that given the choice, J would choose turquoise paint for the front door. He has an aversion to any turquoise or teal or aqua. Which of course, I love, resulting in the butting of heads from time to time. However, I presented him with 5 paint chips and this is the one he chose. (A few days later we were looking at a whole page of paint chips and he specifically said that he didn't like this color, which I pointed out to him that he had just chosen for the front door. Then he backpedaled. I think he just doesn't want to admit to liking it.)

I love it. So much so that I ran into the retaining wall that frames one side of our driveway because I was too busy admiring our front door (neither retaining wall nor vehicle were hurt). On the right side of the porch we have an old metal glider that is currently a gross dark green. I have enough of this paint leftover that I think I'll give that a lick this spring. Also, we have light pink and yellow tulips planted along the front walk which will look so pretty with the new door!

As for J not liking aqua, this poster showed up on our doorstep to add to our Pearl Jam Ames Bros. poster collection. That background looks awfully aqua to me...