Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shirley Kramer

We have new Shirley Kramer ceramics online (& in the store of course!). Just look at that smiley mushroom box --wouldn't that be perfect for your living room? See more Shirley here!

Style Icon #4: Pattie Boyd

Pattie Boyd is undoubtedly best known for her well documented marriages to both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, however the combination of the marriages as well as a modeling career made Pattie a 60’s style icon. (after all, who wouldn’t want to dress like George Harrison’s wife?) We love her innate cuteness in all of her pictures—no intimidating glares or scary hipbones poking out. Pattie always looks like she put some thought in her clothes—even visiting Haight Ashbury she is pulled together with a mini dress, the requisite beads and some amazing boots. It’s also interesting to look at her makeup – she does wonders with eyeliner and some major false eyelashes. For more Pattie Boyd check out

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The world of a ZAKKA designer

ZAKKA -- the things that make people feel happy and exist like a comfortable air.This is what we always keep in our heart when we create new designs.

Shinzi Katoh is the most famous Zakka designer in Japan, and now he is at bon bon! I just opened the boxes and there was an overwhelming amount of cuteness waiting inside! Tote bags, stationary, special tape! Anyway, I haven't even finished putting them out yet, not to mention getting them on the website, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak. If you are in love with Shinzi and in KC, stop by and see everything!

Anna Marie Horner

Yesterday my friend Rachel called me and she was so excited to show me this picture of these re-covered chairs in Anna Marie Horner fabric.

I do have to agree that those chairs are fabulous! As are (as I soon found out) the rest of Anna Marie's fabrics! I have seen them around before but I've never looked at them as a collection before, and I was really struck by them. What is really funny though is that this morning E sent me an email gushing over her too.. completely separate of my discovery of her yesterday! So I guess this week is Anna Marie Horner week~ not an entirely bad thing...
I love her quirky use of color, it reminds me of Kaffe Fassett's work. But the designs are definitely her own!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paraphernalia Jewelry is here!

Oh, I've wanted this for the store forever! And now we finally have it, Hooray!! Here is a little bio about them..."We at Paraphernalia design beauteous and wholesome accouterments for both Ladies and Gentlemen. We are much inspired by both vintage illustrations and 19th century magicians. We also enjoy the odd, the unusual, the uncanny and the bizarre, in all the aspects of beauty.
Everything is handmade by Ms. Vanda in her studio in Manchester, United Kingdom, using vintage illustrations, printed and cut acrylic, and silver-plated chains. We strive to provide extraordinary, beautifully original pieces at affordable prices, so that you may embellish yourself with merely a pittance."
I'm putting up a couple of pics, but there are a lot more styles at the store, and soon to be on the website!
Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace $39.00
Portrait Ms. Coeur de Lion Brooch $29.00
Vignettes Swallows and Parasols Necklace $25.00

Book Review: Twinkle's Weekend Knits

Twinkle's Weekend Knits Twinkle is Chunky Chunky Chunky! (And I mean that in a good way!)

I love Wenlan Chia's Twinkle Designs, they are always the pattern i am drawn to in knitting magazines and it is great to have this book of well-thought out items. It is truly astonishing how cool a giant striped garter stitch can be but from the zippy Arbor Row Scarf to the super striped Borealis sweater the designs are interesting and fresh. She also spends some time with fit and structure to make sure that your chunky Oceania super sailor sweater is flattering and not transforming you into a big blue whale! (And that's comforting!) I am torn between jumping into the Horizon Tunic or just spending the rest of my life making the Sand Dune Hanger Covers - Awesome!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Craft Project #3: Vintage Knee Socks

Ooh, don't these look so soft and comfy? If only I had a knitter in the family who could make these for me. Oh wait--come on e, get to it! You can see this pattern thanks to My Craftivity!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Style Icon #3:Mary Quant

We have a lot to thank Mary Quant for, most notably her popularization of the mini skirt in “swinging sixties” London. When you think of 1960’s style you think of Mary Quant. Bright colors, simple lines—slightly adolescent looking, futuristic PVC coats and dresses. She was the first to design all of these. And she was one of the first to sport the Vidal Sassoon asymmetric bob, which I’ve always wanted (but a mass of super curly hair won’t let me have) So kudos to you MQ, I don’t know where I would be without a closet full of minis! Read more about MQ and her style at

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Print & Pattern

Speaking of Patterns, you should look at the blog Print and Pattern. As the author says, it is a website that celebrates the world of surface pattern design. It is glorious, but overwhelming sometimes too! All of those patterns will definitely brighten your day!


Today I am enjoying looking at patterns in homes. It gets my mind racing on ways to make my own walls more interesting. E is working of redecorating her bedroom and is in a constant state of trying to find the right cane-like pattern and figure out where to put it. It's not as easy as it sounds! All of the "in-home" pics came from Designsponge.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden Party

For some reason, I am obsessed with this dress. It's only been around me for 3 days, but I can't stop looking at it. I don't normally even care for yellow in clothing form, but this cheery little dress has won my heart. I love how 1960's garden party it is, but updated with the crazy skirt wings and platforms.
Of course it is John Galliano for Christian Dior--I almost am starting to feel silly with how I am constantly fawning all over his work. Anyway, I just wanted to share my current love of this dress in hopes that talking about it would get it out of my head!

Tuesday Morning Book Review: Alabama Stitch Book

Alabama Stitch Book Or How to be Hip in LA:
When I visited LA in late May I was amused to see that from Reform School to Fred Segal the big news was the Alabama Stitch Book! We had just received our copies before I left and I hadn't had a chance to see what the excitement was about, but now I too am hip to the Stitch! I think the appeal is that besides being another beautiful, inspiring craft book it focuses on a small town and how one person is trying to revive the now defunct t-shirt capital by bringing back a focus on handmade items using mostly recycled materials.

Giving an overview of Florence, Alabama's past, present and future cotton industry gives a intimate feeling to globalization and what personal toll it can take. That this toll is being recognized and transformed by finding the skilled workers and celebrating their craft feels celebratory and cozy at the same time. I personally thought that using recycled cotton jersey (mostly t-shirts) for most of the projects was wonderful, what more common inexpensive resource is there? So get hip to the Stitch and begin your own t-shirt renaissance!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Magazine tip!

I stumbled upon a discovery today, which I thought other might be interested in (if they are magazine junkies like I am). I went to 1/2 price books today to sell some old books and while browsing around I found the magazine section. They have used magazines (but in good condition, of course) or about $1.00 a magazine! Obviously they have back issues, but I also got the current issue of Harpers Bazaar for $1.00. I thought that was nice, and it was cool because it was a subscription issue so it had a better cover than the newsstand issue (as they are wont to do). Anyway, since my magazine pile can get pretty expensive, I was excited. So go load up on magazines!

Basso & Brooke

I was playing around on the computer today and from a tip from Stylebubble I checked out the design team Basso & Brooke. Shazam! Hello prints! and tulle! and layering! I love seeing a collection that makes my fingers itch to get out the scissors and some fabric and go to town. It makes me jealous to see all of their lovely prints though, as one of my biggest complaints is that I can never find good prints. I know, we need to make our own--we just haven't gotten ourselves together yet. Anyway, the following pics are from Basso & Brooke's Spring Summer 06 show.
 Well, I mean how can you not like anything with a violin attached to it?
  I love this print--looks like houndstooth, but I think it's actually a crazy M.C. Escher-like kitty print! And the ankle/boot fluffs are fantastic. I often will tie ribbons around my ankles and do big bows, but maybe I need to be breaking out the tulle..
 This print makes me thing of Celia Birtwell for some reason. I think it's the combination of the chiffon,  art nouveau -ish print and the colors. It's romantic in rockin' way--if you know what I mean?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fall Intern position open at bon bon!

We are looking for a sparky intern who wants to learn about life in an independent boutique!
Buying, sales, visual merchandising, marketing--you name it, we do it! Sadly, the internship is unpaid..but good for school credit! Contact us at if interested.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend Craft: #2 My Little Mochi

So, in her craft wanderings E just found this too. How cute! You can go to My Little Mochi and she tells you how to make it!

Have a great weekend!

Weekend Craft #1: Blueberry Whale!

So Emily has been surfing around the craft blogs this morning (as she does every morning) and look what she has found! The cutest pin cushion ever! She found it on Confessions of a Blueberry Bandit, who said she made it specifically because of the cuteness of the pins coming out of his blow-hole! Wouldn't it be nice to have a little friend like this to help you sew?

I've never attempted to make a plushy toy (although I love them) but perhaps I will have to grab a copy of our Softies book and try something out!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Style Icon: The Monkees

Perhaps some of you didn't know (and perhaps you would have been happier not knowing) that E and I are big Monkees fans. So today the ITunes is lovin' the Monkees and I started thinking--who is more stylin' than The Monkees? Admittedly, in their first season they had some wonky clothes, but in the second they were totally hippie psychedelic --and it worked for them. (Not to mention all of the fab stuff the pretty Monkee girls would wear which I would drool over)

I can't tell you how often I wish boys of today would sport tight pants, monkee style. Or for that matter, how many things in my wardrobe I could say was Monkee-like. For instance, last year e bought a black ruffly tuxedo shirt from Banana Republic. Of course it was cute, but the overwhelming purchase factor? It looked like a shirt that Davy wore in the Monkee's movie Head. I know, we are geeks. Now the world knows.

Anyway, here are some Monkee shots to put you in a summer of love mood...Davy--always rockin' the love beads
Mickey and the boys seemed to be big fans of the Nehru collars. I especially like Davy's pairing with the stripey pants.
I think the paisley tablecloth speaks for itself. Note the awesome sideburns that Peter and Mike have. I love the 60's because the experimentation in dress was awesome-- for both men and women. What man today would throw on a tablecloth and not think twice about it, not to mention wearing the colors and patterns that were the norm then?
sign the Petition for the Monkees to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Style Icon #1: Zooey Deschanel

Welcome to our new--hopefully regularly updated--blog subject, Style Icons. I think it's so interesting to see who everyone loves and finds inspiration from, so Emily and I want to throw ours out there and see what everyone thinks! 

To start us off, we went with the obvious--Miss Zooey Deschanel....
There are just so many things to love about Zooey Deschanel, it’s hard to know what exactly makes her so inspirational.  Is it her acting skills, singing chops, snow-white type beauty or flawlessly vintage-inspired wardrobe?  A little bit of each, most likely!  We love her old-fashioned style and her unapologetic approach to femininity in clothing.  A fan of ruffles and quirky hair bows, Zooey knows how to embrace her inner little girl without going over the top, and always keeps us interested in what she’ll come up with next.  Also, I just read an article where she said how much she loved Irregular Choice shoes--Ah ha! I always knew she would dig our store!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trashy Diva

So, I had just finished my blog about New Orleans, when I ran across an article from Modish about a local New Orleans designer, Trashy Diva, who had her designs ripped off by one of her own wholesale accounts! Not cool. Her account, Unique-vintage took her Trixie dress, which she had been selling for years and had it copied! I just have to say, it's hard enough to be an independent designer/business owner, without having to worry that one of your vendors is going to run off with your ideas!

I went to Trashy Diva in N.O years ago (I bought the cutest white velvet wrap--I never have anywhere to wear it, but I love it.) and it was a great store. Definitely check out their great clothes and accessories!

You can read more on that article on Styledash.

New Orleans

So, I made myself a little Louis Armstrong station on Pandora, and having been escaping to New Orleans in my mind for the last few days. It occurred to me yesterday that wouldn't it be fun to escape their in reality too? So I started looking at a few sites and picturing myself on an iron-fenced porch, taking it easy and getting ready to go eat some beignets.
I found some really great rates and awesome Bed & Breakfasts on this New Orleans site, and moved N.O. to the top of my travel list. And, in case you are wondering, every review I read said that the travel there is good and safe, and really, if you want to help get New Orleans back on it's feet after Katrina--go spend your tourism dollars there!. Or, if you can't travel you can donate here.
Anyway, here are some pics to help you imagine yourself in relaxing in white linen on a hot summer New Orleans night....