Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Orleans

So, I made myself a little Louis Armstrong station on Pandora, and having been escaping to New Orleans in my mind for the last few days. It occurred to me yesterday that wouldn't it be fun to escape their in reality too? So I started looking at a few sites and picturing myself on an iron-fenced porch, taking it easy and getting ready to go eat some beignets.
I found some really great rates and awesome Bed & Breakfasts on this New Orleans site, and moved N.O. to the top of my travel list. And, in case you are wondering, every review I read said that the travel there is good and safe, and really, if you want to help get New Orleans back on it's feet after Katrina--go spend your tourism dollars there!. Or, if you can't travel you can donate here.
Anyway, here are some pics to help you imagine yourself in relaxing in white linen on a hot summer New Orleans night....

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e said...

oooooh! i am rocking the louis too and i am doing the shake the finger dance as we speak!