Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday fun

Well friends, we would hate to be spoilsports on Cyber Monday. So I now declare 30% off the whole website~ today only!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shop Westport Gift guide

Need to do some gift buying? Shop Westport! Look at all the gorgeous, and diverse things you can find in our very own neighborhood! And don't forget, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Show your favorite business that you care...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the Pilgrim fairy came down the chimney and left a pumpkin pie under your pillow for this morning.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop small!

I love this...
We would love to hear what your favorite small business is. Why do you love it so, and what's the best thing you've gotten there?

Power Flower

 Suddenly I wish I still had all my He-Man action figures.

From Open Studio's Power Flower project

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small Business Saturday!

Hey! Do you know what this Saturday is? Small Business Saturday! Between buying your flat screen TV's at a big box store on Black Friday and secretly shopping at work on Cyber Monday, you should spend your Saturday supporting your favorite small business(es).

This Saturday we will be offering a fun deal; everyone who buys a gift certificate for $25 or more gets an extra 20%. So, if you get your friend a $25 GC then you get an extra $5 GC. If you want to give that extra money to your friend, we will applaud you. If you want to keep it for yourself then good for you! Of course the more you give, the more you get so it will pay to be extra generous!

Oh, and the first 10 people in on Saturday will get free goodie bags!
Hooray for Small Business Saturday!

Echo Lotta Jansdotter

 Look who finally arrived, why it's Echo by Lotta Jansdotter! Well, I should say part of Echo since there is a load on backorder (but should be here soon!). It's worth the wait though, it's really great fabric. Come in and we'll coo at it together.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The new issue of Sweet Paul came out last week. If you haven't seen it, today is a good day to check it out. It will inspire you for a little Thanksgiving/holiday fun this week!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shade Parade

Another video from the world of fashion. This one by Chanel. It's silly and a refreshing change from other beauty advertising!

Couture client

Follow this link and watch the W magazine 13-minute documentary on Carine Roitfeld acting as couture client instead of magazine editor. It's heavenly. It also reminded me that I should really be learning French. And wearing couture. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have to admit that over the last few weeks I have spent ample time thinking about this book. Most of the things I sew are apparel. I especially love making coats and skirts, and of course, I use the fabric and patterns that we carry. This book however really re-opened my eyes to what sewing can really be. Making totally unique and beautiful garments. It's so easy to get lost in a sea of cottons, but I think it's time to dip my toe into taffeta and silk. And, tulle. So much tulle. And maybe so sequins. Mmm, sequins.

This just in!

There is a good chance I will be spending my day reading these two books. However, feel free to come in the store and interrupt me. Or just pull up a chair and read along with me! 

Friday, November 11, 2011


How great are these? Sunglasses Hut teamed up with yarn bomber extraordinaire Knitta for a new line of sunglasses. Not only are they an extremely innovative use of knit in glasses, but for each pair sold $30 will go to OneSight, making glasses available to those in need. Brilliant!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miss Piggy for MAC

Miss Piggy is launching a new MAC line! It is but a wee line consisting of false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner and a light pink eyeshadow. I wish they would have done more, don't you? I'll definitely check it out though, it arrives November 14th. had some quotes from the statement Miss Piggy released regarding the collaboration. As ever, she is an inspiration:

Miss Piggy issued a statement via MAC about her new cosmetics collaboration. Check out some of the best bits:
On collaborations in general:
Oh I adore collaboration—especially when everyone is there to listen to what I have to say and do exactly what I tell them to. And those fabulously talented people at M·A·C did just that. They were more than willing to listen, learn and be inspired by moi, so they could get the pink eye shadow just right, the flutter of the lashes just perfect, the texture of the eye liner just so. Best of all, they did all the work while I did all the talking! Trÿs fantastique!
On her daily beauty routine:
At home and on the set, my beauty routine is the same. I sit in a chair while a squadron of stylists, manicurists, cosmetologists, hairologists and so forth hover around and make magic. Then, I open my eyes, look in the mirror and voila…perfection! The advantage of doing this on set is that someone else pays for it.
On her role in the new Muppets movie:
I play an editor at Vogue Paris, so naturally I had to wear the most au courant couture and meet all the top designers in the world. (Naturally, we hit it off like gangbusters. Trust moi, you haven’t partied til you’ve ridden in a cab down the Champs-ÿlysées singing show tunes with a passel of Parisian designers!) So, I would have to say that moi inspired designers who, in turn, designed clothes that captured the essence of moi. It’s a win-win all the around, n’est ce-pas?
Her style advice for fans:
You can’t be moi, but this is the next best thing. This collection is perfect for any skin tone, goes with any wardrobe choices—and will help vous find your personal style.
To moi, style is all about having fun! You are you! Go for it! Get glam! Have fun! Laugh in the face of critics! Scoff at cynics! Chortle in front of rude people! You got it sister, so make the most of it! That is what this collection is all about—celebrating the absolute joy of being vous, embellished and enhanced by the magic of moi! (Ooh, that’s good. I should trademark that!)
And remember, true beauty comes from loving yourself. So go ahead: love yourself. And if that proves a problem, might I suggest loving moi?

Read More

Also in cosmetics/muppet related land...OPI has launched some amazing muppet nailpolish! Mmm, glittery.

Razzle Dazzle

 I'm loving the Razzle Dazzle chocolate that just hit our doors. We have holiday and Paris themed and they are just so gorgeous. You will have to unwrap them carefully before you devour!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Class update

 Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that there are a few spaces open for this Saturday's stocking class, if you are interested. The class is November 12th from 9am until 12pm. The cost of the class is $50 and includes the pattern for the stocking. You will need to bring 1/2 yard for the boot and 1/4 for the cuff. Sign up here!
Also, our infinity scarf class which is November the 16th from 6-8pm has a few spots available as well. The class is $60 and includes all the materials you will need. Sign up here!

Liberty behind the scenes video.

I want to see more!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Polly Danger bias tape

I am so excited because we received our first shipment of Polly Danger bias tape! And they are so cute...I want to bias tape everything I see. This bias tape is all handmade. It is pre-shrunk and features reinforced stitches at all seams. Polly Danger never uses a bias tape machine, she cuts, folds and presses everything by hand. Which means that it is carefully inspected and beautifully made. We have 12 different patterns available, come on in and check them out!

Holiday window

 E and I are ridiculously pleased with our Holiday window this year. We have transformed the front of the store into a fluffy, glittery room complete with a sparkly ballet costume dancing through some knitty snow. Because that's what the holidays are all about, right?

The pictures don't do the sparkle nearly enough justice, so you will have to come in (or even just drive by) to see. We've designated this lovely front room as our couture room. It is where all our gorgeous books on Lanvin, Chanel, and Vionnet are living. They are rubbing elbows with the amazing Christian Lacroix stationary that is dominating the table. All in all, a lovely room to be in!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Holiday Hop today!

The Holiday Hop starts today! See you soon!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Hop stocking

We are nearly ready for the Holiday Hop this weekend! Currently, the store looks like a tornado hit it, but that is what happens when you tear down and rearrange all the furniture. I can't wait for you to see our holiday window display for this year, it is my favorite ever!

Remember, the Holiday Hop runs this Friday and Saturday. We will be open until 7 on Friday with goodies, so if you can't make it during the day you can come late.

More info on the Holiday Hop is here...

Oh, and the Liberty stocking? That is the free pattern we are giving away this weekend, and you can buy $1 raffle tickets to win it! All the proceeds from the raffle go to Operation Breakthrough. The raffle will run from Friday thru December 10th. Good luck!

Liberty winner!

So, I realized that it doesn't do much good to have a giveaway if you forget to announce the winner! has chosen Sharon as the winner of the Liberty book of Home Sewing. Hooray Sharon! Shoot me an email so I can send this along to you...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This week we are frantically decorating in hopes to turn the store into a magical wonderland by this weekend's Holiday Hop.

Here is a little piece of inspiration...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oddly Correct Coffee

I was so happy to see an article about our friend Gregory in The Pitch! If you have been to our Ric Rac Roundups you might have tasted his delicious coffee. If you haven't then be sure to check out his new space at 3934 Main Street. And read this fantastic article!

Even in the bath

HRH Princess Margaret photographed in the bath at home (with crown of course) by her husband, Lord Snowdon.
If I had a crown like that, I would wear it in the bath as well...