Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miss Piggy for MAC

Miss Piggy is launching a new MAC line! It is but a wee line consisting of false eyelashes, liquid eyeliner and a light pink eyeshadow. I wish they would have done more, don't you? I'll definitely check it out though, it arrives November 14th. had some quotes from the statement Miss Piggy released regarding the collaboration. As ever, she is an inspiration:

Miss Piggy issued a statement via MAC about her new cosmetics collaboration. Check out some of the best bits:
On collaborations in general:
Oh I adore collaboration—especially when everyone is there to listen to what I have to say and do exactly what I tell them to. And those fabulously talented people at M·A·C did just that. They were more than willing to listen, learn and be inspired by moi, so they could get the pink eye shadow just right, the flutter of the lashes just perfect, the texture of the eye liner just so. Best of all, they did all the work while I did all the talking! Trÿs fantastique!
On her daily beauty routine:
At home and on the set, my beauty routine is the same. I sit in a chair while a squadron of stylists, manicurists, cosmetologists, hairologists and so forth hover around and make magic. Then, I open my eyes, look in the mirror and voila…perfection! The advantage of doing this on set is that someone else pays for it.
On her role in the new Muppets movie:
I play an editor at Vogue Paris, so naturally I had to wear the most au courant couture and meet all the top designers in the world. (Naturally, we hit it off like gangbusters. Trust moi, you haven’t partied til you’ve ridden in a cab down the Champs-ÿlysées singing show tunes with a passel of Parisian designers!) So, I would have to say that moi inspired designers who, in turn, designed clothes that captured the essence of moi. It’s a win-win all the around, n’est ce-pas?
Her style advice for fans:
You can’t be moi, but this is the next best thing. This collection is perfect for any skin tone, goes with any wardrobe choices—and will help vous find your personal style.
To moi, style is all about having fun! You are you! Go for it! Get glam! Have fun! Laugh in the face of critics! Scoff at cynics! Chortle in front of rude people! You got it sister, so make the most of it! That is what this collection is all about—celebrating the absolute joy of being vous, embellished and enhanced by the magic of moi! (Ooh, that’s good. I should trademark that!)
And remember, true beauty comes from loving yourself. So go ahead: love yourself. And if that proves a problem, might I suggest loving moi?

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Also in cosmetics/muppet related land...OPI has launched some amazing muppet nailpolish! Mmm, glittery.

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