Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Colette Patterns!

Hey, wouldn't that Liberty fabric I showed you earlier be awesome for one of these Colette patterns? (Which just arrived!) I really want to do the Sencha shirt out of it, wouldn't that be so pretty?

Liberty of London PoppyDaisy

New Liberty of London fabric is in! It's called PoppyDaisy, and isn't it lovely? Wouldn't it be perfect for a floaty Spring dress?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alanna DeRocchi Day!

So, it is officially Alanna DeRocchi day here on bon bon blog because I remembered that I have been meaning to put all of awesome work that J & I have of hers from Christmases/birthdays past...Everytime we get something new, E is SO JEALOUS because she loves Alanna's work.

Also, as a side note, E didn't really get to meet Alanna at our wedding and all she does is complain about not being able to bow to her. So, Alanna, next time you come visit (soon hopefully) we have to get you two warned though, there might be excesses of compliments and bowing!

Alanna DeRocchi: Rock Star Ceramicist

So, not to brag or anything, but my friend Alanna DeRocchi is, a super amazing ceramicist. She is just finishing her schooling at Alfred University in New York and getting ready for her final exhibition at the Fosdick Nelson Gallery. And we have a sneak peek!

I mean, aren't they spectacular? They are so big, and amazing and I want one in my living room. I don't even know how you can even put something together like that! So, since J & I are unable to go to Alanna's opening (even though we really want to!) I hereby order anyone who is in a less than 6 hour driving range from Alfred, New York to make the trek to see this amazing work.

My hat is off to you Alanna, you rock!

Alanna DeRocchi
Master of Fine Arts Exhibition
April 24-27, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 24th

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery
School of Art and Design
NYSCC @ Alfred University
2 Pine Street
Alfred, NY 14802

Monday, March 29, 2010

Whale Appliqued bag

This is it folks, the day you have long been waiting for.. E & I have finally finished our very first "how to" video! (Cue the trumpets) Admittedly, it's a bit longer than I thought it would fact we had to break it up into three parts -- apparently it does not only take five minutes to make and embroider a tote bag, who knew? (although, come on, what else do you have to do on a Monday morning)

So, we have a whole slew of How To projects lined up for you, from simple things like tote bags to much more interesting things involving fire and tongs (aren't you intrigued?) so keep an eye out for them!

Oh, also keep in mind that this is the very first one, so ignore any random babbling I might do, or any down time. You're welcome to turn the sound down and say rude things if you like, but only if you actually make the bag.

Speaking of making the bag: Materials!
2 12 x 16 pieces of fabric for the outside of the bag
2 12 x 16 pieces of fabric for the lining of the bag
2 12 x 16 pieces of lightweight interfacing for the outside of the bag
1 6 x 44 piece of fabric for the bag strap
embroidery floss--colors up to you.
embroidery pattern--really up to you, I printed out a whale off the internet and traced a pattern from it.

How to make a tote bag Part One, Part Two, Part Three...Enjoy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Remodelista Chaise

E found this chaise over on Remodelista. It's good, isn't it? Yup. Real good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a reminder that the deadline for applying for the Ric Rac Roundup is next week, March 30th. So, if you or someone you know is interested in joining us, please contact us at and we'll send you an application!


Marlobloom handbag class

Have you signed up for our MarloBloom handbag class this weekend yet? We still have a couple of spots left, and I think you are going to be sad if you don't. Because this bag is super cute. And reversible. If you are on the fence, all you need to do is come into the store to see the sample that Jaime made, you will totally be sold!

Call us at 816.756.0855 or email me at to reserve your spot!

Harper's Bazaar Anniversary Archives

I was on a grand search for a certain Harper's Bazaar cover when I ran across their 140th anniversary archives and found these great images. Although the archives don't have near as many images as I would like to see it is definitely worth a look. Something that really struck me is how much cleaner the covers used to be..and therefore how much more eye-catching.

This (and the Lula covers from yesterday) really made me realize how much I would like to see starker, more graphic covers. Let's stop with the print all over the place, and actually I would like to see some models on covers. I can't tell you how many times I'll see an actress on the cover of a mag and it will stop me from buying it. Not because I don't like the actress, but it just doesn't seem very striking to me. For instance, the cover above you can frame on your wall as art. How many of the Jennifer Aniston covers would you do that with (no offense JA, I just picked your name out of a mental hat) Do you know what I mean? Or is it just me?

I love this image Warhol did for them..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cozy Little Nooks

So, before we opened bon bon, I worked at a baby store where we did nursery design. Which was super fun to do, because nursery's are just cute 24/7. Anyway, I loves seeing kids rooms in magazines and on blog, I think mainly because I want that kind of color and whimsy incorporated into my home. Anyway, one thing that always seems to pop up in kids rooms are cozy little nooks. And I'm a little jealous--I would love a cozy little nook to nap or read in. But no, you don't see tiny gypsy wagons for adults, or one-person tents. I think that it's time, as adults, to stand up and take our nooks back!

Quilty Pleasure: Liberty of London

So, I am keeping a wary eye on the front door, thinking that some uniformed men are going to barrel through and take away my Liberty Bloggers badge, because I have forgotten to blog about this whole Liberty/Victoria and Albert quilt exhibit/collaboration!

I know, I am a poor excuse for a blogger.But I will make up for it now!
So, here is the deal, the V&A are doing a super awesome exhibit on quilts from 1700-2010 (Anybody want to take me? I'll totally go!) and have worked with Liberty to reissue some of the fabric prints from the quilts. Sweet! But the best part? The Liberty "Quilty Pleasures" windows where artists have made super awesome innuendo filled quilts.

I think that we need a bon bon: London. How else am I going to get to see all this awesome stuff?

Cinderella Poster

So, I was totally lusting after this Cinderella Poster in this picture, when I thought Duh! You have one in your sewing room! (albeit, a quarter of the size) And, mine has the original Mary Blair illustration. I always get a little thrill when I see something vintage that I have in a I felt like I had to show this one off. (Too bad it's such a weird yellow picture--it looks much nicer up close and personal)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ric Rac Roundup Deadline Approaches

Hey, I just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline for the Ric Rac Roundup Summer 2010 applications is March 30th--so it's creeping up! Call or email us if you need an application or have any questions!

The show will be July 24th 9-4


Anja Rubik by Sølve Sundsbø

I thought this was a lovely shoot as much as I want to pull out my bright clothes for spring, I also want to bust out the bright eyeliner (or lipstick, mmm lipstick) However, I just don't think I can pull off A: Pink eyeshadow or B: Yellow eyeshadow. Actually, I have no interest in yellow, but even if I did I'm pretty sure it would make me look sickly. I do have a secret desire for pink though--but E thinks I would look like a red-eyed bunny. She has such a way with words, doesn't she?

Lula Spring 2010

Kick Kick Kick (that's me kicking myself). I can't believe that I haven't kept an eye out for the new Lula Mag--I feel like the last issue just came out! Well, apparently the time has come (at least in the UK) so I better get myself right down to B&N and start stalking the magazine shelves. My only condolence is that the UK gets them sometimes almost a month before we do, so I hope I don't miss out!

Anyway, I am in L O V E with the new issue and the 7 covers that they did. Wouldn't it be heavenly to frame them all and hang them in a grouping? Ah, if only I lived in a world where it would be easy to find them! Well, I can tell you one thing they totally reminded me that I can't wait to get out my bright springy clothes! Stripy tights! Sherbert colors! I'm ready to go!