Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lula Spring 2010

Kick Kick Kick (that's me kicking myself). I can't believe that I haven't kept an eye out for the new Lula Mag--I feel like the last issue just came out! Well, apparently the time has come (at least in the UK) so I better get myself right down to B&N and start stalking the magazine shelves. My only condolence is that the UK gets them sometimes almost a month before we do, so I hope I don't miss out!

Anyway, I am in L O V E with the new issue and the 7 covers that they did. Wouldn't it be heavenly to frame them all and hang them in a grouping? Ah, if only I lived in a world where it would be easy to find them! Well, I can tell you one thing they totally reminded me that I can't wait to get out my bright springy clothes! Stripy tights! Sherbert colors! I'm ready to go!

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emily said...

wow, those are just delicious! i look forward to reading your copy!