Monday, March 29, 2010

Whale Appliqued bag

This is it folks, the day you have long been waiting for.. E & I have finally finished our very first "how to" video! (Cue the trumpets) Admittedly, it's a bit longer than I thought it would fact we had to break it up into three parts -- apparently it does not only take five minutes to make and embroider a tote bag, who knew? (although, come on, what else do you have to do on a Monday morning)

So, we have a whole slew of How To projects lined up for you, from simple things like tote bags to much more interesting things involving fire and tongs (aren't you intrigued?) so keep an eye out for them!

Oh, also keep in mind that this is the very first one, so ignore any random babbling I might do, or any down time. You're welcome to turn the sound down and say rude things if you like, but only if you actually make the bag.

Speaking of making the bag: Materials!
2 12 x 16 pieces of fabric for the outside of the bag
2 12 x 16 pieces of fabric for the lining of the bag
2 12 x 16 pieces of lightweight interfacing for the outside of the bag
1 6 x 44 piece of fabric for the bag strap
embroidery floss--colors up to you.
embroidery pattern--really up to you, I printed out a whale off the internet and traced a pattern from it.

How to make a tote bag Part One, Part Two, Part Three...Enjoy!

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emily said...

YOU ARE SOOOOO CUTE!!! i totally LOVE it!