Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty of London for Target!!

The day has come at last! Liberty of London at Target! Guess who went Saturday night just to see if it was out, saw it was and got waaay overexcited? You guessed it! me. But, it was a print extravaganza, how could I not get excited? Stationary, clothing, bedding wellies, home stuff, everywhere I turned there was more. I tried to keep my cool but still came away with more than I bargained for (Thanks for the most part to J who seeing my excitement and knowing my budget took pity on me)

So, this morning E and I went back to check it out (as she hadn't seen it yet) and I secretly took pics all over Target of the displays. Now, I know you are thinking, "Why do that when I can go to my local target and see it in person?" But I am sorry to say that not all Targets seem to have it..including my moms (sorry mom!) So here you go..
Stationary. Drool.
Frames..super cute and inexpensive
Canvas covered bins..
Printed shirts
Gift wrap and candles! drool again.
Melamine dishes. Both Targets that I stopped by seemed to be out/ hadn't gotten in the ceramic dishes.
Super nice polished cotton throw pillows (mmm, some with velvet piping)
Gardening stuff! I got my water can and gloves! The one last thing that I really want are a couple of the ceramic planters. Maybe next week if they are still there...

Super adorable lingerie. I mean the bras are fabulously cute.
A wonky shot of one of the dress displays. I thought the clothing was good..for the most part rayons or polished cotton fabric, so you don't miss the quality of the Tana Lawn cotton
Prints on prints on prints! Yes, I splurged on a dress, two shirts and bedding.
Oh, and did I mention the wellies, two frames and gardening gloves? Yup. Splurged. At one point last night I had every piece of clothing on + wellies and was lying on the bed. It was a cacophony of print, and I loved it. J thought it was a little busy.

So, there it is! Well, some of it--some pics didn't turn out or the displays weren't worth shooting. As you can see overall I'm really pleased with what they have done, but I am glad that they didn't use any of my favorite prints like Ianthe or would make them feel a little less special I think. Did you like it?

P.S..did anyone else thing the Gaultier Target line was gross?


Jeanee said...

I saw some of it today!

The kitchen stuff was almost gone. I saw the bedding and the gift & paper produucts.

I didn't see the clothes!!!

I wish they had it all in one section...

Steph H said...

Gabe had to physically restrain me. I was putting four mugs in our cart and he looks as me and says, how many mugs do two people need? And in my head I'm imagining a pretty garden party where I serve coffee in my Liberty mugs and ... I put them back. I did get two dresses, but things were REALLY picked over, and it was only noon! The men's clothing was cleaned out. So nothing for Gabe :(

Steph H said...

Oh yeah, and the JPG collection was AWFUL. I looked at it and thought, who in the Midwest will this flatter? The answer: nobody.

Jen said...

our Target was a sad mess, so your pix at least show what it should have been like.
on Sat they hadn't put the stuff out, but I heard they were lined up at dawn at the front doors the next morning...I got there before noon--which was too late.
and what I did see wasn't nearly as nice as I expected--disappointing, actually

betsy and emily said...

Jeanee: How could you miss the clothes? You would totally dig them (even though they aren't grey!)

Steph: I'm totally in for a garden party--if I come across some mugs I"ll get them and you and Gabe can come down here for Liberty fun. I can get away with it, because J understands that Liberty is my #2 life's obsession.
Which dresses did you get? Did you get a maxi dress? I held up the small to me and it was like 4 inches too long. No maxi dress for me!
I'm pretty sure the JPG collection won't be unflattering to just the Midwest, but everyone else in the world. Ugh.

Jen: I'm sorry to hear that your Target was a crapster (at least you had some stuff, my mom's didn't carry it at all) I kind of went in with lower expectations (since I'm such a fabric snob/also knowing Target's quality of stuff) so I was pretty pleased with what I saw.
I figure if nothing else I got some of the prints without the Liberty price. Although there were some scratchy cotton scarves that I was appalled by, because scratchy Liberty cotton? I don't think so.

emily said...

I thought it was a pretty good mix...and managed to control myself (ahem, betsy lafrenzy)till the springy happy sunflower bag right at the end! i love a bag!