Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm in love with the new mixed media art that just arrived from Filth-E Design..

yellow cakes and red balloons!

Another great design board by Snippet and Ink. Just to make you happy...

Friday, June 26, 2009


The mugginess that is the weather outside makes me wish I could lounge around in vintage silk slips and pajamas. Doesn't that sound like it would be cool on your skin and entertaining enough to make you forget the heat? I found these patterns..they are all for loungewear, but most of them I would like to make in fabric to wear everyday! Oh, by the by, I had a wedding shower the other day and got some lovely little vintage numbers--I'll take pics and put them up here so you can see....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

seaside lounging

Here are more seaside resort pics. Now I am obsessed! Apparently fewer people in England go to there own resorts preferring trips to Spain and Italy which is sad. Not that there is anything wrong with Spain or Italy, but I think these resort towns seem so glamorous. I will pack...vintage dresses and skirts, bathing suit, wedge sandals, lots of sunscreen, and a cardigan. And of course a parasol--you absolutely cannot go to a seaside resort without a parasol.....
Actually, I've been here, it's the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and it is amazing. Go look at pics here..

Brighton Pier please!

So yesterday, instead of toiling diligently here at the store, I spent the morning reading. (I just got my new Freya North book!) The book was set in a seaside town in England (an actual one called Saltburn by the Sea) and when I was done, I had a thought...Wouldn't it be awesome if for our honeymoon J & I went to visit seaside resorts in England? Come on, you can picture it.. adorable cottages, delicious teas and looong piers with ferris wheels and arcades? And beaches! I told J last night and he seemed underwhelmed. That's alright though--I'll let him stew on the idea for a while and see if he comes around. If he doesn't I'll make E go with me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Hands are in the KC Star!

You might have spotted us in the KC Star's House and Home last Sunday. The lovely Stacy Downs was doing an article on freshening your home with fabric and we were able to help her recover her dining room chairs, refurbish and cover a bench that I got and she put in the shower curtain I made! You can read more here.. Oh, and if anyone has the paper, bring it in so we can see it--we were out of town and didn't get it.

chick chick chicken

How adorable are these plush chickens? Pretty damn cute, if you ask me. You should come and get one for your very own!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We all went to see UP the other weekend. Such a good movie--pretty, funny, sad (E said she hadn't cried that much in a long time) and with the added bonus of little Mary Blair teases (which made me squeal with delight). You should totally go see it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thin Man

So this weekend e & I went home, and even though I had a sneaky plan for stealing my dad's Thin Man box set, it seemed harsh to do that on Father's Day weekend. But here is the thing--if you haven't seen any of the Thin Man movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy, you are totally missing out. They are hilarious, and Myrna Loy is the cutest thing ever (along with her wardrobe, which rocks) So, I am here to tell you 2 things...1) Go watch The Thin Man and 2) if you ever have to buy me a present, that boxset would be the way to go. I'm just saying..

Friday, June 19, 2009


This was NPR's photo of the day on Wednesday--isn't it cool?
Here is the caption:
In the summer of 1937, Tony Sarg, an American puppeteer, illustrator, designer and painter, staged a sea serpent hoax in Nantucket. The serpent was one of his Macy's Day Parade balloons and must have been either terrifying or hilarious... or both.

Turns out their is a Flickr page with a whole slew of pics...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, e and I took a little trip to the MAC store on Sunday and I talked myself into the Aqualine liquidlast eyeliner. Now, I'm always wary of a liquid eyeliner--mainly because I don't have the steadiest application hand in the world, but I liked the color so much I went for it.

I know now, that when they say liquidlast eyeliner the emphasis is on the last. Which is good--don't get me wrong--I just think it's funny that after a whole long shower, plus a face wash plus an actual eye makeup wipe off last night, I didn't have to put eyeliner on this morning. Anyway, I always love a good eyeliner and thought I would share the news. Just be warned--pick out a color you love, because you will be wearing it for a long time!

ric rac roundup

Big news bon bons! We are so excited to announce that on July 25th we will be hosting our first ever craft fair, the ric rac roundup!! We will have 18 awesome local designers who make everything from jewelry to clocks, coffee to plush animals. The fair will take place in our parking lot from 9-6 and (if I do say so myself) I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best. fair. ever.

So mark your calendars and tell your friends--and check out the ric rac roundup blog for more info and updates!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Check us out at the KC Independent online!

Drive by Sandwich

Also found on theDieline today...Drive-By Sandwich - a bicycle sandwich delivery company in Copenhagen that delivers organic, fresh, and healthy sandwiches anywhere you are.

How adorable is the delivery wagon? And the packaging? I wish someone would do this here--it would solve a lot of lunch dilemma's for me!

Cereal yummmm.

So, I'm sad to say that most mornings I don't hop out of bed with the sun shining and birds singing. Nope, instead, during the brief periods of almost being awake I have to talk sternly with myself to get out of bed. And then I fall back asleep. In the end, the argument that always wins is, if you don't get up now you won't have time to eat delicious cereal.

Yes, there it is, I am a cereal fanatic. And now that General Mills is doing the retro cereal boxes, (which so far, I've only seen at Target) I love it even more. So far, I've only gotten the Trix box--mainly because I can't throw it away and if I get more I'll want to keep them. And my kitchen is far to small to be keeping random cereal boxes. Anyway, I'm a sucker for cereal and packaging, so I thought I would share them!

By the way, I found the pics at The Dieline.com and kudos to whoever put the Kix box in front of that fantastic turquoise--I'm really taken with that color combination!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bon bon on bodine

Remember a little while back when we talked about the 3/50 project and how awesome it was? Well, get this...Cinda Baxter (our lovely facebook friend and creator of the 3/50 project) was on the Walt Bodine show yesterday and mentioned us! Which we thought was totally cool--anyway you can download the show here in case you missed it. Here is the synopsis of the whole show...

The Walt Bodine Show - 6/15/2009
Little Businesses You Love ©

Today, we turn to the subject of small, brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop shops that people love for reasons that go beyond the products they sell. What is the importance of these businesses, and how do they define our communities? Our guests look at local entrepreneurial activity since the recession, and talk about how small local businesses are faring as corporate giants face bankruptcy and bailouts. We speak about grassroots efforts to spend money locally, and also invite you to share with us the little businesses you love.

Thanks Cinda for the shout-out and for spearheading the movement to shop local businesses! You are a star...

Happy Trails

If i were a camper......

From Cath Kidston

Monday, June 15, 2009

Circus wedding

So, I saw this wedding on Once Wed last week and I loved it. Doesn't it look fun? And isn't that shorty fluffy dress fantastic? I'm guessing there was a lot of "Best Wedding Ever" from the quests at this one--and I would agree.

Friday, June 12, 2009

judging a book

One of my favorite things is book covers--it's funny how you can get so used to a certain cover that reading the same book with an updated one makes it feel like it's not the "real" book. The new book covers from faber & faber are a whole different story though--aren't the awesome?
Last year penguin also re-released their classic books with new covers, which are stunning. I love the colors and there is nothing better than a matching series of books in a row.
Some book covers that left a mark on my brain are the copies of my sister's Narnia books that she had--you almost never see these covers anymore, but I love them.
This James and the Giant Peach book has the most beautiful illustrations ever. At one point our copy disappeared but a couple of years ago I was able to find a replacement on Ebay. Hooray for Ebay!