Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, e and I took a little trip to the MAC store on Sunday and I talked myself into the Aqualine liquidlast eyeliner. Now, I'm always wary of a liquid eyeliner--mainly because I don't have the steadiest application hand in the world, but I liked the color so much I went for it.

I know now, that when they say liquidlast eyeliner the emphasis is on the last. Which is good--don't get me wrong--I just think it's funny that after a whole long shower, plus a face wash plus an actual eye makeup wipe off last night, I didn't have to put eyeliner on this morning. Anyway, I always love a good eyeliner and thought I would share the news. Just be warned--pick out a color you love, because you will be wearing it for a long time!

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Brianna Bailey-Hill said...

oh is that what you were wearing at the shower? It was lovely...