Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer in space

So, on Saturday night e & I went to the West 18th Street fashion show, Summer in Space. I actually was wearing a journalist hat as I was covering it for (no, I was not actually wearing a journalist hat..just in my mind) Anyhoo, we saw all sorts of fun people that night so I thought I would give you a play by play.
Pre-show we ran to The Darling Room to see Amber, who was locked inside sensibly avoiding the throngs outside. It was very tempting to stay with her and go out to eat some huge delicious dinner, but alas, work was to be done!
So, Present Magazine totally set up with VIP front row seats--as e said, "this is probably the only time the words, Oh, you are VIPS so you can sit anywhere in the front row, will ever be uttered to us. On our way to our seats we found that we were sitting in front of Jayne our most heavenly bookkeeper! Here she is passing the time reading INK. Jayne's niece is one of the producer's of the show, so she comes with her family to watch every year.
Then, as we looked around us we spotted the lovely Renee across the way. Isn't she adorable? We also got a shot later of her looking incredibly bored, which was funny. And don't think I didn't notice that you left early Renee!

So then we are sitting there waiting for the show to start and I see a blond girl in a cute dress--and then it hits me, Hey I made that dress! You can (kind of) see her here in my red and white pompom fringe dress. It's funny to see people you don't know wearing your stuff!
Here is the show starting--since you can see how weird our picture-taking angle is, you will excuse me for not putting any other pics of the show up.
After the show we ran into Dayle and Jeanee, who we had happily spent all day with at Fabric Fest. I would spend all day with them anytime, they are hilarious!
Lovely Danielle came over to show off her newly broken arm. Sad--but she has a built in cup holder.

And to top off the night our favorite vintage girl Donna came over to say Hi! Cutest. Girl. Ever. And her friend (oh crap, I just met him 2 days ago and now I can't remember his name. hmmm Andy? maybe? sorry!) was fabulous too.

The show was good--I wish the musicians would up the tempo a little bit to move it along. It gets kind of long, you know? But it was fun can read my review here..

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Anonymous said...

hey there Bon Bons! thank you for capturing Donna and I in Blog space!!!! FABULOUSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Aka,, Andy