Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bon bon on bodine

Remember a little while back when we talked about the 3/50 project and how awesome it was? Well, get this...Cinda Baxter (our lovely facebook friend and creator of the 3/50 project) was on the Walt Bodine show yesterday and mentioned us! Which we thought was totally cool--anyway you can download the show here in case you missed it. Here is the synopsis of the whole show...

The Walt Bodine Show - 6/15/2009
Little Businesses You Love ©

Today, we turn to the subject of small, brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop shops that people love for reasons that go beyond the products they sell. What is the importance of these businesses, and how do they define our communities? Our guests look at local entrepreneurial activity since the recession, and talk about how small local businesses are faring as corporate giants face bankruptcy and bailouts. We speak about grassroots efforts to spend money locally, and also invite you to share with us the little businesses you love.

Thanks Cinda for the shout-out and for spearheading the movement to shop local businesses! You are a star...

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carie said...

Hey! I was listening to this show in the car and I thought of you girls. I guess I missed the shout out part, though.
I just think it is so cool and brave that you are small business owners. While the huge chain stores are sucking out most of our souls, you decided to try to fight them. You two are inspiring by your commitment to the neighborhood, commitment to succeed, and great style.

Although, I usually have a hard time listening to the Walt Bodine Show,(sorry Walt, but you are just really old and sometimes clueless) I really like how they mostly focus on the local stuff in Kansas City. I especially like the restaurant review days. :)

Hope you are well.