Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I'm spending the day dressed as Tina Turner, what are you wearing?

Scandinavian Linen

So, I've pretty much fallen in love with these Scandinavian style linens. They make me want to go cozy down in a chalet for the winter (with a large vat of hot chocolate). Come visit them this weekend at the Holiday Hop!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Demo's at Holiday Hop

Bernina (those masters of demonstration) will be showing you how to work a serger this weekend during the Holiday Hop! You can learn how to make a lampshade out of sliced and serged pieces of fabrics, and also how to do a rolled scarf hem. (And you know those are tricky! Learn from the professionals!) 

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Jasmine Brooks

Urban Arts and Crafts is excited to host Jasmine Brooks on November 4rd from 10-12 for the Holiday Hop! Jasmine Brooks is a Chicago based textile designer who is inspired by texture and nature. She incorporates color and patterns from the world around her to create one of a kind fabric. Jasmine has a bachelor's degree in Fashion and Textile design from Woodbury University in Burbank, California and has studied in Turkey under Mehmet Girgic, the world's premier felt artist. She currently works for Anthropologie as an accessories manager and in-store event coordinator.  Her November trunk show at Urban Arts and Crafts will consist of hand-dyed pieces using various techniques such as ice dying, silk painting, felting and resist printing.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

We saw Whatever Happened to Baby Jane at the Tivoli last night, it is so crazy! I had seen it before forever ago, but forgotten all the twists and turns in the movie. It's playing all week at the Tivoli and I highly recommend it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction

Harper's Fabric and Quilt Co. will be hosting a second Guest Star at the Holiday Hop on November 3rd from 1-3, Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction! We all know Indygo Junction for it's adorable patterns for garments, quilting and Home Dec. Did you know that Amy has also written a variety of books, including the popular Vintage Notions?
Artist Statement:

Many of you may know me as the founder and owner of Indygo Junction andThe Vintage Workshop, but I’d like you to get to know me, Amy Barickman, the person. I was lucky enough to grow up immersed in the sewing and crafting business, as my mother owned a creative arts shop in West Des Moines, Iowa. Even in high school I knew the direction my life would take – running my own Teddy Bear business. After graduating from the University of Kansas (Go Hawks!) with a degree in art and design, I knew I wanted to make craft and art my life’s work and founded Indygo Junction, a fabric arts publishing company, to showcase the talent of leading sewing and craft designers. Over the years I have teamed up with innovative artists to publish over 800 pattern titles and write over 80 books.
My mother also passed on her “collector gene,” bringing me to local flea markets, tag sales and antique shops. She instilled a life-long love of the hunt for vintage treasures. Over time, I amassed a vast collection of period artwork, especially vintage images. In 2002, I founded The Vintage Workshop so I could share my favorite images with other crafters.
One of the aspects of my business life that I have genuinely come to treasure is the entrepreneurial piece of what I do. I have, along with my talented staff, had tremendous good fortune – and a little luck – identifying dozens of designers whose work is simply exceptional. Over the years, we’ve licensed their work, given them a marketplace at and featured them at trade shows. I was even fortunate to have this activity recognized by Country Living Magazine, which recently selected me as one of America’s most creative entrepreneurs. This side of me has become so integral to who I am that I’m exploring new ways to discover new talent, encourage their growth and bring them to people’s attention.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trick Or Treat this Saturday in Westport

Don't kid me, I know you can't wait to show off your new Halloween costume. And we would love to see it! Bring yourself, your friend, kids, dogs, and everyone else to come Trick or Treating in Westport this Saturday from 4-6pm. Participating merchants are: bon bon atelier, Blo Salon, The Bunker, Clothz Minded, Imagery, Nikki Grant Boutique, Screen Tee Gallery and Shine Spa.
Mmm, Candy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Lauren Hunt from My Aunt June

Hello, my name is Lauren. I'm not very good at writing these kind of things, so I'm asking you not to expect much. In addition to not writing them well, I'm also fairly boring. Wow, this is the biggest downer of an introductory paragraph, EVER! (Following such an impressive accomplishment, I begin to suspect I might be better at this than I thought.)

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yes, me! I like to draw, and I have a Very Large Cat, those are some of the most commonly known facts about me. I also have a husband and a dog,
and while they do not demand as much of the spotlight as my Very Large Cat, they are just as beloved.

Anyway, I like to draw, which is how I ended up being considered a designer, even though my college degree has something else on it. After school, I grew up and started sewing and craft- blogging, and then came along, and allowed ANYONE who wanted to to design their own fabric! Wheeeeeee!!! I was smitten, and spent a few years designing fabric and selling it in my etsy shop. 

Eventually I managed to convince people that I was an Actual Fabric Designer, and was fortunate enough to start working with the fine folks at Andover Fabrics! My first fabric line with them will hopefully be coming out next Spring, at which point I will do a happy-dance to rival all other happy dances; it will be long and jerky and sometimes resemble a minor seizure, and I will probably post it on my blog. (Which is at, that's the place to go if you're curious about my future dance or present happenings.) 

My design style is influenced greatly by childrens' book illustrations, old-school cartoons, vintage science textbooks and instruction manuals. I use a computer for one things, but I use a sharpie to draw with and a light-box to color, because I like the way things look when they're a bit sloppier than they have to be. That might be the best way to describe my design work, actually: A Bit Sloppier Than It Has To Be. That's my new slogan! 

Well, I guess I'll wrap this up, now. In summation: I draw, talk, have cat. I design fabric and also make posters and cards, which can be found on my etsy shop,, as well as at certain local retailers like Bon Bon Atelier. I also work part time at Harper's Fabric and Quilt Co, so you will frequently find me there, usually causing trouble. Thanks for reading, and I hope to meet you at the Hop!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rose wallpaper

I went to an estate sale with my dad this weekend. Everything had already been sold (including the awesome mid-century house) so the highlight of the sale was finding this tiny rose wallpaper-ed room hiding upstairs. I love it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tulsa Garden Center

I had hoped to be able to stop by the Philbrook Art Museum while in Tulsa, but we never got around to it, and then it was closed on Monday. We found ourselves instead in Woodward park at the Tulsa Garden Center. We wandered through the rose garden and herb garden which was lovely, and then we came upon this magnificent greenhouse. Ta Da!

Luckily the greenhouse was open and it was both adorable and gorgeous. Succulents, orange trees, lilypads, cacti, name it, and we saw it. I would have happily lived there, but instead spent the drive home making plans for our backyard. Nothing, I am sad to report, quite this grand. (yet)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Tula Pink!

Sound the horns people, Tula Pink is coming to bon bon atelier! And by that, I don't just mean her fabric, which is already here, but the woman herself. And we are so excited! For those who don't know, Tula Pink is a fabric and quilt designer. And an amazing one at that. Her use of color and crazy graphics are right up our alley. She will be our Holiday Hop guest star on November 3rd from 1-3pm, and you need to come see her. Check out her work, get a book signed and maybe even get a sneak peek of the new fabric collection that she will have just debuted at quilt market the week before.
Artist Statement:

Once upon a time I had a funny little bio that didn’t really say much about who I am or what I do. Times have changed, now a few people actually want to know. 

I graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. It was fun but I was tired of being broke so I decided to get a job. I worked briefly as an Exhibit designer for Museums in L.A. and when that became too quiet I relocated to the music industry. After about 6 years of that my ears began to bleed so I left California and went in search of a new home. The plan was to move as far east as I could get without renting a boat and work my way back west until I found a place I liked.

 I now live in a small mid-western town where my closest neighbor is roughly four miles away. I have a cat that I never see and a lawn that requires more attention than the cat.
 My main function in life is fabric design. I live for it. Through all of the moving and mind changing one thing was constant; fabric and sewing. I designed my first collection in my living room, after work and on weekends. The day I left my job in L.A. I sent it into Moda Fabrics and by the time I got to Albuquerque it was in production. A few years and several collections have passed since then. 

Today I work with Free Spirit Fabrics designing not just for quilting but for a whole lifestyle of DIY-ers with a passion for saying things like “Hey. look what I made” or “don’t sit on that, it’s still wet”. 
Seeing my name on that selvage was the  only thing that had been missing from my professional life. So here I sit, an exiled rock princess on a throne of bolts and bobbins. This space is where I tell my story and share whatever there is to share about my world.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back from Tulsa!

And we have returned from Tulsa! It was kind of a whirlwind trip, so we didn't get to see everything that we wanted to, and thanks to your recommendations on Friday. I'm sure we'll head down there for another show sooner or later, so we will see everything eventually.

 I made J drive on Route 66 part of the way down and was incredibly excited to come upon this smiling face. It really made my day, in fact just looking at the pictures makes my day!

We rolled into town Saturday afternoon STARVING and ran right into Weber's root beer.  Apparently many moons back, Mr. Weber invented the hamburger on bun. How could we not eat here? The root beer, by the way, was excellent.
Sunday was all business. We arrived at the convention center at 9:00, got our spot in the general admission line (#2!) and stayed there all day. Kudos to the convention center by the way, for letting us sit inside and use their bathrooms. It was very nice of them. After all that work, we got first row center spots.
Monday we ran around to different places, although I was sad because some spots I had earmarked were closed. However, we did make a point before we left of meeting up with this guy.
In other news, I love giant things (note the giant amplifiers in the concert pic. The pole with a scarf in front is a huuugge microphone) Anyway, Hooray Tulsa and super duper Hooray for Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Amy Bradley

We are so lucky to have so many guest stars for our Holiday Hop! On Saturday November 3rd, Bernina Sewing Center will be hosting quilt designer Amy Bradley from 10-12:00.

Artist's Statement:
One would not recognize the metal building behind my house as a quilt design studio, business office, and warehouse. I feel so blessed to be working with my two children, and in my own backyard. My oldest daughter, Ashley, works with me full-time. My youngest, Adam, worked part-time while attending the University of Kansas. My mother, Dorothy, is also a wonderful help with sewing and designing. She has been to every quilt market with me. My husband, John, is a veterinarian in Lawrence, Kansas. 

We live in the country and raise Hereford cattle. I have lived my entire life in Kansas. I was born in Medicine Lodge, where my parents still reside. I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in fine arts/ graphic design. I started quilting in the 80s. My inspiration for my first quilt design, Dazzling Dogs, was to create a gift for John's veterinary clinic. I started my business with that quilt and it has only hung in the clinic for about one week in the past four years. When I told my husband about my plan to turn Dazzling Dogs into quilt patterns his now famous line was "Do people buy those?". Now his new famous line is "When can I retire?" I am always looking for my next comical character such as Quilt Diva, Super Quilter, Seasoned Quilter, and Bountiful Beauties. I know quilters have just as much fun making my patterns as I have designing them, I've seen the photos!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

So, I realize that it was kind of a slow week here blog-wise. Truth is, after 3 weekends of quilt-showing (with the last being in St. Louis) I was burnt out and fell into my new book. I managed to finish it on Wednesday and felt like I could finally surface yesterday.

Then, last night I went to the see Denyse Schmidt give her lecture for the Modern Quilt Guild, and it was really good. For some reason I found it very soothing for my overworked brain this week, and thought I would share some quilts here today. Although you have probably seen them before, I"m sure. I also added in a little extra surprise for you. See if you can spot it!

J and I are off to Tulsa this weekend to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Anybody know anything about Tulsa? Where we should go? What we should eat?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Kelly Fricker

During the Holiday Hop, Urban Arts and Crafts will be hosting Kelly Fricker on Friday November 2nd from 1-4. Kelly Fricker is the owner of KellyGirl Studio.  She has been sewing since she was a girl.  Her passion for collecting vintage fabrics led her into garment design.  She couldn't bear to see all of those fabulous fabrics just sitting on the shelf.  Skirts have always been the centerpiece of her collections.  Designing and producing one-of-a-kind clothing led her to open KellyGirl Studio in downtown Parkville, MO, in 2008.  In addition to designing and constructing garments, she also began teaching others to sew.      

KellyGirl creates funky, functional clothing for women who have a unique style.  Her customer is one who doesn't want to look like all the others.  A KellyGirl has a story to tell....and her style is one way to tell it.  Many of the KellyGirl designs repurpose other clothing items.  Her most poplular item is the "t-shirt skirt", a flattering 6-panel skirt made from used cotton t-shirts.   The t-shirt skirt is a great way to get those big, boxy t-shirts out of your drawers and actually wear them, in a different way!  All skirts are a one-of-a-kind custom design.  

Today, Kelly operatees KellyGirl Studio out of her home and teaches sewing classes at Urban Arts and Crafts.  You can find her clothing for sale at Aura Hair Studio and Boutique in downtown Parkville, MO.  To find out more about custom t-shirt skirts, visit her blog: