Thursday, September 30, 2010

Venemous Villians

Today is a glorious day, my friends. Today is the day that MAC releases their Venomous Villains collection, and if you think you are going to take the last Maleficent lipstick from me, you will find yourself with a fork in your arm.  I'm just saying, I am going to MAC prepared for battle..aren't limited releases fun?

Holiday Ric Rac Roundup!

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you know that it's time to mark you calendars for the Holiday Ric Rac Roundup! This year's show will be held again at Californo's on Thursday November 18th. We will have 20 awesome vendors at the show, and there will even be a DIY toy contest going on, sponsored by Poptopia. We will have more details on everything later, but get ready for some crafty fun!

This show's vendors include:
Mindy Mathews
Lindsay Ramon
Owl and Mouse Textiles
Craftboy Workshop
Alissa Ross
Handmade by Sodapop
Samantha Kuykendall
Oddly Correct
Glazed Earth
2 Tone Press
Sike Style
Betsy Lemon
Early Jewelry
Dirty Laundry
Emmy Ray
Seek Design
and bon bon atelier!
Keep an eye on the ric rac blog to see more about our vendors and the show!

The Knotty Rug

How do you feel about rugs? I'm a fan of them myself, but although I admire oriental rugs, I never really thought I would want one in my house. I thought of them as too formal, to fussy, totally the wrong colors. etc. But then I went to the Knotty Rug. And stayed for hours (actually, I had to stay for hours because I was working on a shoot with Herlife and Kdog). And that is when I fell in love.

 Because oriental rugs aren't all fussy and formal. There is a whole spectrum of colors and patterns that I didn't even know existed. It was frustrating because there are stacks and stacks (and stacks) of rugs and I would spy a particularly enticing edge of a rug at a bottom of a stack, but didn't want to have to move 40 (heavy) rugs to see it. Hot pinks, oranges, greens, yellows they were everywhere begging to be looked at and taken home, sadly I couldn't. But someday I will.

Here are some quick pics I took during a lull in the shoot...the colors aren't nearly as gorgeous as they are in real life..if you are KC go to The Knotty Rug right this minute!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New fabric!

Finally, finally the Kokka has arrived! I ordered this almost 4 months ago and have been wistfully waiting ever since, but it was totally worth the wait.. because this fabric is so fabulous!

This piece is a double sided gauze. It's soo lightweight and airy, but really fun with the large check on one side, and the small red check on the other.
This is the Kokka Carnival fabric. I would like to cover the walls in my house in it, I like it so much. I'm doing my best to refrain from that!
Alice in Wonderland fabric! Need I say more?
This patchwork fabric is extra cool, because not only does it show off sewing notions, but it also has Parisian scenes. Because what goes together better?
Well, hot air balloons and Paris are a pretty good combo as well.
Nani Iro! You are super soft and gorgeous as always. And there is just the teeniest metallic gold shine to some of the flowers. 
This sketchy stripe is certainly a staple.
Red and blue dots. It's such a happy fabric, it's the kind that cheers you right up when you are looking at it!

New fabric!

We got in three completely random, but perfectly awesome new fabrics in..

First up is a Kaffe Fasset millefiore rayon. Yes, that's right, rayon. It's super soft and really just perfect for a dress.

Here we have a Brandon Mably corduroy. And it is awesome. Imagine, if you will, this corduroy in a suit..wouldn't that be just fantastic? For those of you who aren't into a full body wall of incredibly bright zig zag corduroy, might I suggest a skirt?
And last, but not least a really sweet cotton from Joel Dewberry. I was taken by it when I ordered it, but in person it is even better. I know both Jaime and E had their eyes on it..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anna Maria extravaganza

I am in love with this pics from Anna Maria Horner's makes me even more excited for her new fabrics!


I'm kind of in love with the Giles show. Polka dots! Neon! Chiffon printed with bows! Veruschka! Wait what? Yes, Giles Deacon chose 60's supermodel Veruschka to end his show. How cool is that?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Christopher Kane LFW

Christopher Kane had a hit at London Fashion week with his collection that was apparently inspired by Princess Margaret on acid. Neon  lacy clothes? Yes, please!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Monkees on Laugh In

Did anyone else watch Rowan and Martin's Laugh In all the time when you were little? Did you ever see the episode with The Monkees? Dreamy.

Side note: J can't watch Laugh freaks him out. As does the Mama's and Papa's song California Dreamin' and The 5th Dimension's Let the Sunshine In.Apparently there are some aspects of 60's psychedelia that just don't agree with him.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September shirt dress

What did I tell you? Last week I said, I had only a few things left to do on the shirtdress, and I could totally get it done. Except that I would put off the buttonholes. And I did! Hooray for knowing my own lazy faults! At least I have a cute collar and a nice added addition of my contrast fabric at the cuffs. This is the week though, I will get those buttonholes done and finish this dress.