Thursday, September 16, 2010

Liberty of London flag

Even though I've had to wait on my dress project, I wanted you all to know that I haven't been slacking fact, I've finished a project years in the making! (and yes, it took almost no time at all, once I started. Isn't that always the way?)

So, I have a special little bag of Liberty fabric sitting in my sewing room, and those fabrics have waited for years for their fate to be known. Earlier this summer, I thought Aha! I will make a British flag out of Liberty fabric! Because it is fitting, and I'm an England geek.

It turns out however, that my stash just didn't work for the flag. The colors were kind of off, and just didn't go together at all. So I had kind of shelved the idea, until I took a look around our store and saw the Liberty here..and it was perfect!

So I cut out my pieces and put them with the pattern I had already made..
I didn't want to piece the flag together so instead I did reverse appliqué. I stacked the fabric (with a knit backing for a little heft) and pinned the flag pattern on top.
Then, with the pattern pinned on, I sewed the whole thing together on the lines of the flag. Then came the fun part. I peeled the paper from the fabric, checked my fabric stack order and cut out pieces of fabric so the right print was showing.

And although I originally had plans to embroider on top of it, I decided there was enough print going on and I was finished!
I'm such a geek--I am so pleased with it!