Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pressing Tools by Jaime

Tragedy struck last week at my house...the iron died.  I guess it just gave up. I have to admit I do ask a lot of my iron.  This got me thinking about all the amazing pressing tools that make sewing so much more successful.  Here are my favorites.
The ham: a necessity for pressing neck openings, bust curves and other curved shapes.

The pointer clapper:  perfect for punching out the points in collars and dual purpose of pounding down hard to sew seams.
The tailoring board:  I think I love this one because it is so strange looking.  There really is nothing better to help you press open curved seams, and it will hold your ham, and it has the pointed ends too!

The sleeve board: mini iron board, great for sleeve and other smallish tube like shapes.

Best Press: a starch alternative that smells good.  I never knew how fabulous this was until I starting sewing with some run away linen.

And finally, a good iron: one that gets hot fast and steams.  I used the Oliso TG1600 iron at Bernina University and it was awesome.  It has little pop up feet, so you don't have to wear out your wrist setting it up and down a million times. I hope this guy will join my sewing tools soon.

Happy Sewing!

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