Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adopt a cat!

So, you may or may not know that a little over a year ago J and I bought our own little house, in a lovely neighborhood, perfectly situated between my work and sister. Not only did we get the house, but we inherited some nice rose bushes, a garage full of brown recluse spiders (not so nice) and cats. Lots of cats.

You see, 3 houses up there live some folks who decided not to fix their cat, who had kittens..and such started the cycle of life in the 44th and state line neighborhood. Now we have lots of cats, and J and are doing our best to drag them to a vet to get them fixed so the cycle can stop.

But here is the thing.. the cats are adorable. So sweet! All they want is to be petted, and somedays I think they are going to walk right in the house and make themselves at home. This however, won't work because our cat won't really put up with it. So, we are trying to adopt them out! I really would like to get as many placed before the cold winter as possible, so as I put these posts up, if you would send them around to your friends, we would really appreciate it!

This little kitty is a total sweetheart. We refer to her as mama cat, and she loves people. Well, at least people who feed her. I think she would be an easy transition into a home..she seems to just want to be loved. She is fixed and has had her rabies shot. Her left ear was clipped by the vet when she was fixed, but I think it gives her kind of a rakish air, don't you?

Let me know if you are interested! Call the store at 816.756.0855..

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