Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New fabric!

Finally, finally the Kokka has arrived! I ordered this almost 4 months ago and have been wistfully waiting ever since, but it was totally worth the wait.. because this fabric is so fabulous!

This piece is a double sided gauze. It's soo lightweight and airy, but really fun with the large check on one side, and the small red check on the other.
This is the Kokka Carnival fabric. I would like to cover the walls in my house in it, I like it so much. I'm doing my best to refrain from that!
Alice in Wonderland fabric! Need I say more?
This patchwork fabric is extra cool, because not only does it show off sewing notions, but it also has Parisian scenes. Because what goes together better?
Well, hot air balloons and Paris are a pretty good combo as well.
Nani Iro! You are super soft and gorgeous as always. And there is just the teeniest metallic gold shine to some of the flowers. 
This sketchy stripe is certainly a staple.
Red and blue dots. It's such a happy fabric, it's the kind that cheers you right up when you are looking at it!

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