Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sewing Diary September!

Sewing Diary September! Ok, this I won't put up here everday, so that those who don't sew  aren't totally bored. I will put up weekly updates thought, but for those who want to see the dailies, check out the ning site.

This is the Colette Rooibos dress that I'm making with the Alexander Henry Dagmar Green plaid (and kaffe fasset galvanized shot cotton). So far so good, except there are some weird darts on the back. Jaime called them back boobs. I haven't put it on to see how it looks so we'll see, there may have to be some adjusting.


jacquie said...

oooh, i bought that fabric too...i think i'm going to use mine in pillows.

zoe said...

Beautiful fabric selection -

And 'back boobs' would be a guys wet dream - could you imagine boobs coming and going!!


Maggie said...

I am also making this dress. The back boobs are serious. You've gotta almost double the length of those darts in the back.

betsy and emily said...

Back boobs may be all well and good for the guys, but I'm happy with just the front ones, thank you very much!