Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back from Tulsa!

And we have returned from Tulsa! It was kind of a whirlwind trip, so we didn't get to see everything that we wanted to, and thanks to your recommendations on Friday. I'm sure we'll head down there for another show sooner or later, so we will see everything eventually.

 I made J drive on Route 66 part of the way down and was incredibly excited to come upon this smiling face. It really made my day, in fact just looking at the pictures makes my day!

We rolled into town Saturday afternoon STARVING and ran right into Weber's root beer.  Apparently many moons back, Mr. Weber invented the hamburger on bun. How could we not eat here? The root beer, by the way, was excellent.
Sunday was all business. We arrived at the convention center at 9:00, got our spot in the general admission line (#2!) and stayed there all day. Kudos to the convention center by the way, for letting us sit inside and use their bathrooms. It was very nice of them. After all that work, we got first row center spots.
Monday we ran around to different places, although I was sad because some spots I had earmarked were closed. However, we did make a point before we left of meeting up with this guy.
In other news, I love giant things (note the giant amplifiers in the concert pic. The pole with a scarf in front is a huuugge microphone) Anyway, Hooray Tulsa and super duper Hooray for Neil Young and Crazy Horse!

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