Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Holiday Hop Guest Star: Lauren Hunt from My Aunt June

Hello, my name is Lauren. I'm not very good at writing these kind of things, so I'm asking you not to expect much. In addition to not writing them well, I'm also fairly boring. Wow, this is the biggest downer of an introductory paragraph, EVER! (Following such an impressive accomplishment, I begin to suspect I might be better at this than I thought.)

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yes, me! I like to draw, and I have a Very Large Cat, those are some of the most commonly known facts about me. I also have a husband and a dog,
and while they do not demand as much of the spotlight as my Very Large Cat, they are just as beloved.

Anyway, I like to draw, which is how I ended up being considered a designer, even though my college degree has something else on it. After school, I grew up and started sewing and craft- blogging, and then Spoonflower.com came along, and allowed ANYONE who wanted to to design their own fabric! Wheeeeeee!!! I was smitten, and spent a few years designing fabric and selling it in my etsy shop. 

Eventually I managed to convince people that I was an Actual Fabric Designer, and was fortunate enough to start working with the fine folks at Andover Fabrics! My first fabric line with them will hopefully be coming out next Spring, at which point I will do a happy-dance to rival all other happy dances; it will be long and jerky and sometimes resemble a minor seizure, and I will probably post it on my blog. (Which is at www.auntjune.com, that's the place to go if you're curious about my future dance or present happenings.) 

My design style is influenced greatly by childrens' book illustrations, old-school cartoons, vintage science textbooks and instruction manuals. I use a computer for one things, but I use a sharpie to draw with and a light-box to color, because I like the way things look when they're a bit sloppier than they have to be. That might be the best way to describe my design work, actually: A Bit Sloppier Than It Has To Be. That's my new slogan! 

Well, I guess I'll wrap this up, now. In summation: I draw, talk, have cat. I design fabric and also make posters and cards, which can be found on my etsy shop, www.auntjune.etsy.com, as well as at certain local retailers like Bon Bon Atelier. I also work part time at Harper's Fabric and Quilt Co, so you will frequently find me there, usually causing trouble. Thanks for reading, and I hope to meet you at the Hop!

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