Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Petit Reve

If you are in as in need of some good wall art as I am, then I have good news..look at these adorable prints by Petit Reve. Yes, of course they are available at bon bon! Sarah (one of the artists) and I have bonded over our love of Mary Blair and I see a little of her mid-century influence in Sarah's work. The only thing cuter than their work is the story of Petit Reve...

Sarah, is a full time illustrator/designer at a local greeting card company. Her teenage daughter Michel, a skilled doodler, had dreams of traveling abroad. Inspired
by Michel's bravery and curiosity of the world, Sarah got the idea of a mother/daughter art work team. Petit Reve was born. The goal is to eventually raise
enough money to travel abroad and to have fun being creative together. They decided on Petit Reve (Little Dream) because Michel's first choice is France and to pay
homage to their french great grandmother, Una Frachette. Sarah and Michel are also hoping this endeavor will force them to learn some
french..cause uh....right now, they don't speak a lick!


Jeanee said...

... and did you know that Sarah is the lead singer for the rock-indie-pop band Softee?!?


A very talented gal!!!

jessie said...

sooo cute! i just posted some great shots of them on tcc the other day... they are precious!