Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alanna DeRocchi: Rock Star Ceramicist

So, not to brag or anything, but my friend Alanna DeRocchi is, a super amazing ceramicist. She is just finishing her schooling at Alfred University in New York and getting ready for her final exhibition at the Fosdick Nelson Gallery. And we have a sneak peek!

I mean, aren't they spectacular? They are so big, and amazing and I want one in my living room. I don't even know how you can even put something together like that! So, since J & I are unable to go to Alanna's opening (even though we really want to!) I hereby order anyone who is in a less than 6 hour driving range from Alfred, New York to make the trek to see this amazing work.

My hat is off to you Alanna, you rock!

Alanna DeRocchi
Master of Fine Arts Exhibition
April 24-27, 2010

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 24th

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery
School of Art and Design
NYSCC @ Alfred University
2 Pine Street
Alfred, NY 14802

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emily said...

ohhhhh! i love her soooo much!!! she is just so awesome...can't we please go?