Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So there has been much discussion in the households of bon bon about getting a new bed. Specifically king size beds. The debate started when Emily and her husband went on a trip to LA last month and spent 9 days in cozy king size beds. Imagine the disappointment when they came back to their double. Squashy! Meanwhile J and I have also been squashing it up in a double.
Anyhoo, now J has it in his head that we should get a new bed, a platform king bed. Now, you must understand that there is very little room in our bedroom, and I think a king bed will necessitate us rolling on it to get from one side of the room to another. That's not really the issue though, my problem is the platform bed. This is weird because I love platform beds, but now that the chance to own one is upon me... not so much. I've searched on trusty Ikea and other websites, but nothing is catching my eye, although here are some I kind of like. Does anyone have any suggestions??


carie said...

CB2 has some cool beds. Maybe you could pick one up the next time you are in the windy city.

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