Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2nd Friday Art shows!

Hello bon bons! Did you have a good weekend? We had a very art-filled weekend (including a 4-hour stint at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. Word to the wise...don't wear wedge shoes when you go to an art museum) However, we kicked off our weekend by hitting some second Friday art shows, including one by our friend Andrea Yates!
Andrea has a whole new awesome ceramics line out that has octopus, pirate ships and anchors on it. I.E. it was made for us! And, she started doing this really cool moist-slip technique which gives her pieces really fabulous texture. I took some pictures for you, but if you need more than that let us know--she promised to bring us a bunch of the new stuff after the show! I can't wait!
I love the texture on these. It was so pleasant just to hold them. The contrast between the cool, hard glaze and the soft unglazed part made it a pleasure to pick it up! She also did some bowls with this technique
I never think of myself as a blue and white girl, but really that is such a good summer combo. It is cool and beachy and works so well with ceramics!
Octopus, Anchors and Ships oh my! Andrea has all new bowls, demitasse cups and saucers. We'll let you know when they make their way into bon bon.

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