Wednesday, July 9, 2008

John Galliano

The blue tights and orange shoes/skirts stopped me dead in my tracks. I love the combination.

So this blog was originally going to be about John Galliano's awesome website were he has all of these hilarious cartoons featuring Miss Galliano and Puppy. However, I went on over to to snag some pics of his fall/winter 08 line and shazam! I am obsessed. I had kind of glanced at it before, but I like to wait until the actual season is approaching to look at the shows to see what I feel like (i know, it goes against all retail and fashion codes).

Anyway, my heart started beating a little harder and visions of Paul Poiret, Myrna Loy and the F. Scott Fitzgeralds started whirling around in my head, as I watched the show. Yum! The colors are amazing and I have a new lust for light blue and orange that knows no bounds. If I were you I would definitely go look at the whole show--and keep an eye out for all of his amazing details (i.e. purple gloves and shoes) I would rhapsodize more about it, but it's easier if you see it for yourself. Oh yeah, and after that go see what Miss Galliano and Puppy are up to!


e said...

oh, oh, oh! i love him so much it hurts! knit for me johnny!

e said...

oh oh oh! i love him so much! knit for me johnny!