Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trashy Diva

So, I had just finished my blog about New Orleans, when I ran across an article from Modish about a local New Orleans designer, Trashy Diva, who had her designs ripped off by one of her own wholesale accounts! Not cool. Her account, Unique-vintage took her Trixie dress, which she had been selling for years and had it copied! I just have to say, it's hard enough to be an independent designer/business owner, without having to worry that one of your vendors is going to run off with your ideas!

I went to Trashy Diva in N.O years ago (I bought the cutest white velvet wrap--I never have anywhere to wear it, but I love it.) and it was a great store. Definitely check out their great clothes and accessories!

You can read more on that article on Styledash.

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