Thursday, July 17, 2008

Style Icon: The Monkees

Perhaps some of you didn't know (and perhaps you would have been happier not knowing) that E and I are big Monkees fans. So today the ITunes is lovin' the Monkees and I started thinking--who is more stylin' than The Monkees? Admittedly, in their first season they had some wonky clothes, but in the second they were totally hippie psychedelic --and it worked for them. (Not to mention all of the fab stuff the pretty Monkee girls would wear which I would drool over)

I can't tell you how often I wish boys of today would sport tight pants, monkee style. Or for that matter, how many things in my wardrobe I could say was Monkee-like. For instance, last year e bought a black ruffly tuxedo shirt from Banana Republic. Of course it was cute, but the overwhelming purchase factor? It looked like a shirt that Davy wore in the Monkee's movie Head. I know, we are geeks. Now the world knows.

Anyway, here are some Monkee shots to put you in a summer of love mood...Davy--always rockin' the love beads
Mickey and the boys seemed to be big fans of the Nehru collars. I especially like Davy's pairing with the stripey pants.
I think the paisley tablecloth speaks for itself. Note the awesome sideburns that Peter and Mike have. I love the 60's because the experimentation in dress was awesome-- for both men and women. What man today would throw on a tablecloth and not think twice about it, not to mention wearing the colors and patterns that were the norm then?
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e said...

ahh, monkees, which do i love the most? impossible to pick, they are all adorable! also, ladies, i have looked into davy's eyes in person and they do, in fact, sparkle.....sigh...heart pounds....