Monday, July 21, 2008

Basso & Brooke

I was playing around on the computer today and from a tip from Stylebubble I checked out the design team Basso & Brooke. Shazam! Hello prints! and tulle! and layering! I love seeing a collection that makes my fingers itch to get out the scissors and some fabric and go to town. It makes me jealous to see all of their lovely prints though, as one of my biggest complaints is that I can never find good prints. I know, we need to make our own--we just haven't gotten ourselves together yet. Anyway, the following pics are from Basso & Brooke's Spring Summer 06 show.
 Well, I mean how can you not like anything with a violin attached to it?
  I love this print--looks like houndstooth, but I think it's actually a crazy M.C. Escher-like kitty print! And the ankle/boot fluffs are fantastic. I often will tie ribbons around my ankles and do big bows, but maybe I need to be breaking out the tulle..
 This print makes me thing of Celia Birtwell for some reason. I think it's the combination of the chiffon,  art nouveau -ish print and the colors. It's romantic in rockin' way--if you know what I mean?

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