Monday, November 12, 2007

bon bon Holiday Extravaganza

I know-- we have been bad bon bon bloggers. However, we have been away for a reason, it is the holiday season after all and between planning events, ordering awesome new merchandise, and re-arranging the store into a magical wonderland, we have been a bit busy. Anyway, Thursday we kick off the Holiday season at bon bon with a soiree from 6-9pm. Champagne and chocolates are being served, that always makes for a good party! Oh, and really cool news!! Last Wednesday on DesignSponge, there was a Kansas City city guide put up, and we were on it! How excited were we? Well, I called everyone I knew and jumped up and down until my legs gave out. I'll put the link up so you all can go see it, if you haven't been on DesignSponge before, you are missing a little piece of magic on the internet. Anyway, come visit us on Thursday!

Thursday November 15th, Holiday Extravaganza 6-9 pm.

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