Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Whimsy Holiday Paper

Whimsy Press Holiday Paper has arrived! New double-sided patterns and colors (not necessarily just for the holidays) are here to brighten up the store, and we are so excited about them, that we wanted to put them up for all to see, and give you some wrapping tips as well!
  • Look for subtle colors in the paper, and pull that color out with your ribbon
  • Bundle small gifts together in one package. The two sides of Whimsy Press paper are perfectly coordinated to look great together
  • Make a "belt" using the flip side of the Whimsy Press paper you used to wrap the gift. Just cut out a strip of paper long enough to go around your package, then fold it lengthwise to create pleats. Wrap it around the gift and secure it with double stick tape
  • Adding a small gift to the outside is a nicety that really cranks up the personality of the gift. If you are giving one of our hot chocolate pots, it would be funny to attach a glittery toothbrush. Or one of our mix and match stationary sets would be a great add on gift. Or a candle, or felt barrette, or soap or we could go on forever, but you get the picture!

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