Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swapping Success

Hello Friends!
Well the Swap-O-Rama was quite the success, even with the crappy weather. Everyone brought awesome stuff and consequently went home with awesome stuff. In fact it went so well that we are going to do it next month, same time, same place. The 3rd Thursday of each month is now Swap-o-rama day at bon bon.
We are also going to implement another fun new monthly event--the bon bon sewing circle. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month we will have sewing circle in the evening. We'll have sewing machines set up for the serious sewers and scrap crafts on hand for more casual crafters. Of course knitters, crocheters and any other move-able hand crafters are welcome to attend!

We were especially happy to meet our new friend Janette at the swap on Thurs, she has a fabulous blog called Fashion Loves People where she talks about socially conscious fashion and retailers. It is chock full of information and definitely worth a read.

The deer Loves cat image above was found on the decor8 blog, I just thought it was a good almost-end-of-February image. I don't think my cat would have taken it quite that calmly!

See you soon bon bons!

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