Friday, March 6, 2009

Lula Lovely

I seen from the Cherry Blossom Girl that the new Lula is out, with another gorgeous cover. I am frothing to get it, especially as one of my lovely issues has gone missing! Really, the only magazines I keep in a special safe place and it is gonzo. It hurts me a little. Well, I'm off to hunt down a Lula!


Jen said...

Have you located an issue yet?
I don't think it's gotten to us on the west coast yet,
but on the other hand, maybe I have missed it already! ;(

(would love to find a seller online for this is for annual subscriptions)

bon bon girls said...

I haven't seen the Lula's hit here yet, but I bought one off of Ebay (although it hasn't arrived yet) It was a little pricier, but I figured it was worth it so I wouldn't have to fight for one of the 2 copies our local B&N gets!