Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I am in charge of getting donations for an auction that I am helping put together for Thank You Walt Disney, a group here in KC. Sadly, I am not a good donation getter, because I know that when you own a store you get hit up for donations All The Time! So, even though it's for a good cause, I am timid about asking.

What is the cause you ask? Well (very briefly) Walt Disney had his very first studio here in KC, where he was a destitute animator. He started his business here and even had the inspiration for Mickey Mouse here. So, TYWD has bought the building, shored it up, put a new roof on it and now we need $$ to build out the inside so we can make it into an animation education center, museum and cinema. The studio is in a pretty crappy part of town, so it would be cool for those kids to have a (free!) place to go to learn about art and animation.

So, if anyone has anything they would like to donate, or if you live in KC and would like to help out at the event May 30th, let me know!

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emily said...

Walt is such a fox, I am totally there!