Thursday, May 6, 2010

Prize Winner!

Thanks for all the comments for my prize post..I am happy to announce that after a fun random drawing....Jen! is the winner!

Hooray Jen!
Send me your address and I'll send you the prize!


Jen said...

wow, this makes my week,
and thanks for the 'give away' idea,
it's always fun to do that.

betsy and emily said...

Hooray! I'll send it off to you this week!

Jen said...

A very late THANK YOU for the many adorable goodies in the mail sack you sent to me!
I loved every thing--your shop must be a fabulous place to wander around if these are samples of what is in the store.
I would love to see neat things like this sold in your online shop--or maybe that's too much trouble? But for those of us without a cute shop like yours close by, it's our only option.

keep up the cool blog posts too,
thanks again,