Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art gallery fabrics

We just received a new shipment of new Art Gallery fabrics! Aren't they pretty? We actually also just received a million new books and cards and stationary and oilcloth lunchboxes, but I'm too lazy to post them. You'll just have to come see them for yourself.

When you do, sorry about the super loud fans, we had a major flood in here on Sunday/Monday. Luckily most things were A-OK but it was lake bon bon for a while. Thanks to E who came to work on Monday to find a swamp and had it mostly dry by the time I got here in the evening. She is a Super Trooper.


Nikki said...

Sorry to hear about the floods. The basement in our house flooded a few weeks ago. SO much mess and bother. Things are still unorganized, but we didn't lose much from the damage.

Hope it wasn't too much trouble!

I am excited about more fabric. Must stop by for a visit soon!

betsy and emily said...

Ugh, we were lucky since not a lot was damaged, but how annoying is that? I think you will like the new'll at least see it at Ric Rac!