Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quilt Market! Liberty of London booth

So, quilt market was awesome. It was a whirlwind really and pretty overwhelming at times, but overall awesome. Helpful too..I already have my holiday window planned! Considering we had to go all the way to Paris last year for inspiration, I think this was pretty successful. Not to mention more cost effective. 

Anyhow, I have many pictures to show you, but let's just face facts, the most important booth to me was the Liberty of London art fabrics booth. Like a moth to the flame I made my way there, oh 6 times. I think they thought I was stalking them, which I guess I was.

So Liberty has come out with some glorious quilting cotton that has a lower price (!) than their Tana Lawn. The fabric is really nice and soft and the prints are gorgeous. Of course. I bought a fair few bolts which will be arriving in August. 

Here is a picture of their lovely booth. I liked the floral quilts they had on display because you could really see the prints. On the far wall they had the awesome circle quilt with one of each new print in it. The directors chairs were all covered in their fabric as well. I thought about sneaking off with a few of them, but decided to wait and just make my own. 

The best part was the swag! A corduroy floral bag with a box of all the swatches (I almost passed out with excitement when she gave me those) and pencils. I tried to subtly take one of every color but didn't succeed. Although I think between e and I we probably hit all the pencil options. 

I'm excited about this new quilting cotton, but you Tana Lawn lovers out there, don't fret. I bought a lot of that too!


Jen said...

Liberty's booth was awesome, loved it too! I am curious, did you buy any fabric from Dear Stella's booth??

betsy and emily said...

We didn't get Dear Stella, but I did get their catalog. It was really cute fabric, but it was packed everytime I went by.