Thursday, August 7, 2008

Style Icon #5 Orla Kiely

Actually, I don't know what Orla Keily herself looks like. I couldn't find a picture of her on her website or the Internet. Hmm, mysterious. That however, does not mean that she has to give up being style icon #5--oh no, Orla has made it on her design skills alone, which are tremendous!

The first time I saw an Orla piece I was in school in London and one of my classmates came with this fantastic bag. It seems that the day before she happened upon the Orla Kiely sample sale (lucky beast!) Since then I have been fascinated by her use of color and pattern, not only in her bags, but her clothing as well. (and her home wares, and her stationary)
Also, having seen pictures of her stand alone stores, I am foaming at the mouth to go to one (and, quite possibly, never leave!) Her pieces are flirty and feminine and most of all fun. The cuts of her clothing are fairly classic, but when made out of her fabulous prints they turn into really interesting pieces.

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Jennifer said...

just when my wallet thought it was safe...

i do love her--she is simultaneously Now and Reminiscent. the stem series are my favorite!