Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Craft Project #4: Party Garland

Emily found this project on the fabulous Purl Soho blog The Purl Bee! It looks so cute when it's finished and very easy to do! I love a festive garland!

Materials: This is enough to make at least a 40 foot garland!

Lots and lots of scraps in at least 10 different patterns. This would be a great use of fat quarters and it's also a fun and effective way to whittle away at your stash!You can get at least 6 feet of garland for every 1/4 yard (or fat quarter) of fabric!
1 spool Gutermann Invisible thread
1 set of Garland Templates which you can download here and here.
1 heavy paper bag
Now that you have your materials gather, go to The Purl Bee to see the rest of the directions!

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