Monday, September 10, 2012


So, you know those commercials where there is a kids opening a bland looking birthday gift, only to find out they are going to Disneyland? I've always wanted that kid to be me. And last week on my 31st birthday, J made my dream come true! 

I'm super excited, but haven't jumped into full on planning mode yet, since we've been so busy at work. But what is there to plan really? We will go on every single ride...even Space Mountain, despite my fear that I will randomly feel like I have to stand up and then be decapitated, which is a story my mom told us for years. 

Thanks to J for making my Disneyland dreams come true!

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Jen O said...

Disneyland--as in California?
Well, do let me know when you plan to come and I will tip you to some other places in sunny southern Cal that you might not want to miss....(