Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Los Angeles

J and I just realized that our trip to Los Angeles is coming up in a flash! And although this is highly unusual for me, I don't have much planned for it. Except, that by hook or by crook I will eat at this gorgeous coffee shop in the Beverly Hills Hilton. Banana leaves! Pink and green! Original bar seats from the 1950's. So glamorous.

I know some of you lovely readers live out in LA, so if you have anything to suggest, please do! We like to eat, shop and see fun things. Does that narrow it down for you? Vintage store recommendations are always appreciated, as are record stores.

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Jen O said...

OK! I'll work up a little 'list' for you, but where are you staying? and for how long? --there are events you might enjoy, as well as the other stuff.