Monday, March 11, 2013

Pink palace

I with I could tell you that I haven't been blogging because I've been sailing the high seas, or sewing a gown or learning to fly or something. That's not the case though, I've just been kind of busy, and kind of lazy. A deadly combination!

This weekend though I did make something useful, curtains! I bought this gorgeous pink stripe upholstery fabric at Home Fabric and Rugs for $5 (!!) a yard. That my friends, is a deal. I made 4 curtains for our bedroom to divide the huge room. 

Then I realized that this old Amy Butler fabric would look really nice with it. Currently it is in dress form, but since I never wear the dress, I think I can cut it up for throw pillows. 


The bedroom was never meant to be pink, and now it's looking like the pink palace. This all came about because our huge pink breakfront from the store landed as a bookcase in the bedroom. Then we saw the stripe fabric, and look how perfect they are together! 

Don't worry though, we will be diluting the color a little with some dark grey carpet, which is on order. (SO excited!) and a dark grey valance which is on order in E and I's head. Which means that we are going to make it. Hopefully soon. Has anyone ever made a 12 foot valance? I could use some advice...

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