Tuesday, May 27, 2008

knit it! knit it good!

Did everyone have a nice three day weekend (at least in the US?) I know I did, although we didn't really do anything special. What about you? I suppose some of you grilled out, or went to the pool, or other summery things. Perhaps some of you used the weekend to catch up on your knitting?

I'm sure all the artists in our new KnitKnit book used their extra time on some of their amazing projects. If you are at all a knitter or even interested in the craft this is the book for you. Yes there are the usual amazing garments designs but there are also entire rooms that were knitted, knitted teacups and even an entirely knit wedding. It is truly a fabulous book.

The book itself is a conglomeration of the KnitKnit publication, which was founded in 2002 and dedicated to the intersection of traditional craft and contemporary art. Aside from the publication, KnitKnit has also produced receptions, film screenings, art shows and more. To find out about this wonderful group go to http://www.knitknit.net/.

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