Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Real (Estate) Love

Did I ever mention that my family are real estate hounds? Not that we randomly buy houses or flip them or anything, we just really love to look at them. So we found this little house here in KC. It's pretty cute on the outside, but there are a lot of this style around here. What makes it the coolest house ever are the two rooms it has--the bathroom and the kitchen!
So the kitchen looks like it was built specifically to bake cupcakes in. I mean, the arched doors, the curvy windowthingy and the amazing blue tile?? And to top it all off--the perfect black and white tiled kitchen floor.

And the bathroom is a triumph of pink and black crazy Moroccan silhouetteness. It's even set off by an art deco mirror and black lamps. I love it.

I'm guessing that this house was built by a man named Dybole (sp?) According to our realtor he built a lot of the houses in a particular Kansas City area and gave them amazingly tiled kitchens and bathrooms. (my parents just bought one w/ two of his bathrooms--I was really excited) It was a sad story though because I guess a lot of people rip out the tile and put in "modern" bathrooms. Now, I love an updated house as much as anyone, but the original tile? That someone put that much thought and work in? It's practically art! So, my heartfelt hope is that this little house will find a buyer who wants to keep it's tile the way it's meant to be.
By the way, if anyone wants more info, let me know and I can direct you to the listing!

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Sucker For Marketing said...

That kitchen is awesome! I too hope the right people buy it!