Monday, June 9, 2008

TV Debut!

Hi! I don't know if anyone happened to be up early this morning in KC watching the Fox 4 News morning show, but if you did you would have seen us on the Summer at Sea fashion show segments! 4 designers gave sneek peaks of the clothes for this weekends show, we had our dear friend Jeanette model the Beach Pajamas we made for the show. Check it out at the fox website! And of course, come see us Saturday at the 18th st fashion show! ( for more info)

On a side note, I noticed a story on the Fox website about the need for adoptive homes for 20 kitties who had been living with an elderly woman. She has had to move out of the house and if the kitties aren't adopted they may be euthanized--as I find that completely heartbreaking I thought I would put the link to the story here and if you are in the market for a cat you can contact them.

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