Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

In  honor of Halloween, and to hide the fact that I don't have anything super good to write about today, I want to leave you with my 3 favorite movies to watch on Halloween--preferably with some fondue and Halloween cupcakes!
1. Ghostbusters (otherwise known as my favorite movie ever)
2. The Lost Boys -- because hunky vampires are always a must
3. Sweeney Todd -- A movie starring Johnny Depp and a huge amount of blood? Perfect!


Anonymous said...

Ghostbusters IS the best! When I was very very small, my dad bought the LP soundtrack to ghostbusters and it rocked my world. I also had a ghostbusters t-shirt that I would dress the cat in when it got too small for me. There is only one correct answer to the question, "Who you gonna call?"

bon bon girls said...

My sister used to have the soundtrack-even today, I know every word! (sadly I had the soundtrack to the 2nd one, so I know all of that too!) I would have liked to see you put your cat in a shirt--somehow I can't imagine trying that with mine!