Friday, October 24, 2008

Silk ribbon Embroidery

So, last week my mom brought me a book that her friend lent to me on silk ribbon embroidery. The book itself called, non-surprisingly, The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery is pretty, but definitely dated, as it was published in 1993. (it was a lot of faux Victorian/English country in it. Which can be good or bad) Anyway, I am seized with a fire for ribbon embroidery! The only drawback is that it seems incredibly difficult. I read some the stitch instructions and it was like a foreign language. Ah well, you know I'll try it anyway! Here are some pics from Flickr fiend Norehan--who has quite the dab hand at the embroidery. Anyway, if anyone has tried it, let me know--I want to be prepared if there is disaster ahead!


Anonymous said...

Whoa- very cool. I could see this stuff looking awesome in monochromatic, tone-on-tone could go super-luxe with black velvet pillows and black satin ribbon, or more organic with homespun flaxen linen and then use cotton/linen ribbon in the same color...the possibilities are endless!

bon bon girls said...

I know, I'm on fire to see what I can make out of it! However, I have to be strong and wait until after I finish all the projects I am doing for the store--so I probably won't get to play with it until after Christmas. However, that will give me time to plan!