Thursday, October 2, 2008


I apologize for the weird blogs this week--it's been one of those vague weeks where I can't decide on anything. So, in honor of the total excitement of the Tina Turner concert last night I'm going to put up a bunch of pictures of her. Because she is awesome. And you should totally go see her. (she's back in KC next week!)

The only bad thing about last night was finding out she has been here in KC for a month and I didn't know! I could have sat next to her in a restaurant!! She could have come in my store (although, probably better she didn't, as both e and I would have burst out crying--ah well) one rocks out a weird outfit like Tina......

Lifelong dream? To be a Tina backup dancer--not yet achieved
Last night she dressed up in full Mad Max silver mesh gear for Thunderdome--it was like a dream come true Lucky Tina rubbing up on David

So this is the newest pic of her--I don't care about looking like that "at her age" What about now? I'm only 27 and don't look like that--sad, her twilight years are better than my prime. Maybe I'll better with age... Oh, she got the long spiky wig back--that made me happy.

Sorry we are geeks and made you look at Tina pics! But you should know that about us by now!

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