Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, I started ballet lessons again this week and Yowza! When one hasn't danced in 9 months, it's quite a surprise for one's body. Ouch. Just to clear up any misconceptions, I am not a good dancer. I just like to pretend that I am graceful and talented in the Open class for adults at the KC Ballet.
So, in honor of my painful inner thighs here are some pics of Anna Pavlova. I would have worked a lot harder at being a good dancer when I was younger if I had known there were costumes like this...

Thanks to for the pics!


Librarian_MJ said...

I wish I could take ballet again! Alas, there is not much time and if there were, I currently live too far away. It's sad. I really miss that class. Does Shawn still teach it?


bon bon girls said...

He does still teach it--where did you go that you are too far away?